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Jay Townsend for US Senate over incumbent Kirsten Gillibrand NY

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Vote Out Incumbent Russ Feingold


Vote Out Incumbent Russ Feingold

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Ron Johnson for Senate

Ron grew up in a family and in a place where one of the greatest compliments you could give a person was to say that he or she was a hard worker. This belief in a strong work ethic has been a core principle that has guided Ron’s life.

As soon as Ron was old enough he started mowing lawns and shoveling driveways to earn a few extra dollars. He delivered papers, caddied at the local golf course, and he even helped bale hay on his uncle’s dairy farm.

Ron JohnsonAt the age of 15, Ron started paying taxes when he began working at Walgreen’s Grill. He only started as a dishwasher, but he quickly rose through the ranks to become a night manager before reaching the age of 16.

Ron and his wife of 32 years, Jane, met during his senior year of high school. While in college, Ron lived at home and worked full time in order to pay for all of his college expenses. Because of his work ethic, Ron was able to graduate college debt-free and with $7,000 in the bank. On August 20th of the same year he graduated college, Ron and Jane married.

Ron then went to work as an accountant at a company called Josten’s and attended night school to earn an MBA. He completed all of the course work for his MBA except for his final thesis when another opportunity called.

In 1979, Ron and Jane moved to Wisconsin, where Ron started a business called PACUR with his brother-in-law. Ron was the accountant and a machine operator, and for most of the company’s first year, Ron traded 12 hour shifts with his brother-in-law until they could train other operators.

With the help and dedication of the fine people Ron had the privilege of working with, PACUR has grown from a company supplying a single customer to the largest producer in the world of a specialty plastic used in medical device packaging and high tech printing applications. PACUR sells its products all around the world, with one of its largest export markets being China. PACUR is still proud to say: “We don’t export jobs, we export plastic.”

Ron and Jane’s first daughter, Carey, was born with a serious medical condition. It was then that Ron realized that his family is the most important thing in his life, and it still is today while everything else has become secondary. With the birth of Jenna and Ben, Ron and Jane’s family grew, along with the success of the business.

Ron’s quiet, but extensive work within his community has had a deep impact. Ron has worked within the community to simply lend a helping hand to his neighbors- a value Ron learned from his parents.

Ron enjoys the outdoors, fishing, hiking, camping, Packer and Badger games, rec league softball and basketball, folk music and playing guitar. As always, Ron’s family is with him every step of the way.

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New York Senate Race

Rarely do we get a chance to vote out two incumbent senators at the same time in the same state.  Let us not waste this rare opportunity to clear two incumbent viruses from congress.

Cast Your Vote Out Gillibrand
Vote Out Chuck Schumer US Senator

Cast Your Vote Out Chuck Schumer

Joesph DioGuardi_for_US_Senate_NY

Non incumbent alternative Joe DioGuardi

Non Incumbent Alternative Jay Townsend

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