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Contribute to the Incumbent Vote Out by clicking the following link

Contributions help support our vote out campaign as well help us to support those running against incumbents. If you do not have the resources you can contribute by clicking on our Google links above or clicking and shopping through our Amazon link below. You can also contribute by getting the word and being proactive.


Contribute Now To Stop This


How can our senators represent the people see where they get campaign funding. This is equivalent to stolen money and tax free. Click their face follow the money. These are the 2010 Senators to Vote Out

Sen. Charles SchumerSen. Harry ReidSen. Charles Grassley

Sen. Blanche LincolnSen. Barbara BoxerPhoto: Senator Bennet
Sen. Daniel InouyeSen. Barbara MikulskiSen. Kirsten Gillibrand
Sen. Ron WydenSen. Arlen SpecterSen. Patrick Leahy

Sen. Patty MurraySen. Russ FeingoldSen. Richard Shelby

Sen. Lisa MurkowskiSen. John McCainSen. Johnny Isakson

Sen. Mike CrapoSen. David VitterSen. Richard Burr

Sen. Tom CoburnSen. Jim DeMintSen. John Thune

Sen. Robert Bennett



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